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We’re packing up the truck and moving to Beverly … Hills that is … okay, not Beverly Hills, but somewhere north of Boston, Massachusetts in the Grand Old U S of A.

So … we’re unloading some goodies …

Any compadres in New Zealand are welcome to first dibs — but we are putting these up on Trademe soon – probably end of this week — so you need to act quickly.

Text me at +64 21 523 565 (I’m in Boston right now, so roaming will kill me if you call).  Jen can be reached at +64 21 523 474.

You can also email me at james dot sirois at gmail dot com  —or— email Jen at jhalenz at yahoo dot com.  Will try to respond promptly.  We live in Northcote on Onewa Road.

The goods (I may be able to get some pictures up later today):

dehumidifier, Mitsubishi MJ-E26VX (one of the best purchases we made in New Zealand …)
bureau (solid condition, but has seen better days)
queen bed – Sealy Posturepedic “pillow top” mattress, box spring, and basic metal frame
patio furniture – 4 folding chairs and round table
patio furniture – 2 small marble tables
patio furniture – 2 wooden lounge/deck chairs
gas grill (has seen better days)
LPG gas bottles
TV – Phillips, 20″/51cm
Freeview DSE 7500, digital satellite receiver
small office desk (basically new)
bookcase (2m tall approx, basically new)
misc. electric heater/fans
Breville coffee maker (basically new)

(3) 240V to 110V stepdown transformers – 50W, 1kW and 3kW (probably only Americans would be interested in these)

1995 Subaru Legacy, Turbo, 4 wheel drive (I think @ 210k kilometers)
1989 Mazda Familia – probably for parts only, mechanic is assessing it now

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